Saltybet: a New Age of Automatic, Creator-“free” Content

Conclusions first: I think Saltybet is the first breakout* example of a new format of media made by and for the internet: an automated, 24/7, self-perpetuating, zero-player/input, audience participation content stream. It provides a fast-paced, engaging source of entertainment with little barrier to entry as well as a community to laugh at and/or with.
I believe that many more examples of this kind of media will start to emerge, either by accident or by intent, and more forms of existing content will move towards this model (or facets of it) as time goes on, even if they do not fully embrace it or do so intentionally.

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MF;TS – A Preview

On the weekend I put up a gallery of the first 40 or so pages of my current book project.
This first “chunk” is the most firmed up part of the whole work- some of it is the oldest in the 2 year on-and-off run of the books creation so I figured it would be a good section to start with.
This was initially done to test a gallery plugin I’ve been toying with, and all seems to be well. I then forgot about announcing it until today, wherein I did so via a plaintive tweet.
I think you call this sort of thing a “soft launch.”

Either way, the gallery is now live, you can access it through the link in the blog header or though this link.

Comments are very welcome on this, of course- its still in active development. If you have longer comments or questions it would be cool to chat about it via e-mail! My address is in the sidebar.
The image viewing plugin isn’t very mobile friendly I’m afraid, but works great on tablets/laptops/monitors. I’m working on the mobile viewing.

This is the fourth blog resurrection post I have made so far

So the normal cycle of INTENSE INTEREST, followed by 3 parts regret has run its course and now I am back at the “act like you give a damn about having a website/blog” stage. Mostly because I have a clear intent to use this site now, rather than just having it around as a handy personal filestore.

Anyway whatever, content ahoy!

2013 Spring anime season thought vomit

I’m on self-prescribed anime reviewing blackout at the moment as I was burnt out as a result of the winter season but as it turns out it is REALLY hard for me to keep my trap shut so here we go!
Brace yourself for knee-jerk opinions that aren’t very well thought out but that come from the gut. Honestly, I need something to fill the time while I wait for my cakes to bake.
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